The WO-tower - professionally safe

A 3D model of the WO-tower

Alllmänt om WO-tornet

The towers are delivered in two heights, one of which is 150 cm above ground and one of which is 200 cm above ground. Each tower consists of four sides, a wooden floor and a support board for comfortable installation. The towers can be supplemented with a seating table and a seating area as well as extra stairs. For all towers we recommend the use of our proven earth anchor that prevents the tower from blowing over in severe weather. The individual parts weigh less than 20 kg and the finished tower about 100 kg. (All weights apply to a dry tower, damp towers may be heavier.) The WO-tower is  assembled without tools and can be transported on a regular trailer.


The High Tower (WO 1980)
(4 sides, 1 wooden floor, 2 extra steps, 1 shooting support)

Height              approximately 310 cm, 198 cm to the wooden floor
Foot print        130 x 130 cm on the ground
Buoyancy         max 230 kg
Weight              the entire tower approximately 100 kg in dry condition

The Low Tower (WO 1500):
(4 sides, 1 wooden floor, 1 extra step, 1 shooting support)

Height              approximately 260 cm, 150 cm to the wooden floor
Foot print        120 x 120 cm on the ground
Buoyancy         max 230 kg
Weight              the entire tower approximately 90 kg in dry condition

Some pictures of WO-towers

Tornsidorna kan staplas på varandra

The WO-tower consists of robust and durable sections with no part weighing more than 20 kilos. The assembly is simple and requires no tools or extra material. Two persons can easily assemble the tower and adjust the location for the best shooting mode and safety.

The WO-tower has been type controlled by RISE (former SP), a govermental research institute against the provisions for craft work, AFS 2013: 4. The test includes load and rolling. For an employer, it means limited liability in case of an accident, for all hunters it means a reliable tower for hunting cams and guests.

Tornen är märkta med tillverkningsmånad

Tornmakarna only use natural materials in the production of the WO-tower. Pressure-impregnated wood has long durability and limited environmental impact.